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My Writing CV

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My Writing Journey 

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A selection of scanned published articles:

The following list is of scanned copies of a small selection of my articles, They are  low-med resolution,  so they should not be too slow to to download. However, if you find them too hard to read, please notify me via my contact page, and I will send you a better copy.

A brief note in brackets gives some idea of the subject.

PDF files of a selection of scanned articles:

How to shear Angoras. (How to shear Angora goats)

Are you a weekend warrior? (Concerning back care for landowners).

A New Face For Edem. Published in Christian Life NZ’s inaugural edition. 2013

Gum Craftsman, NZ Memories (Working with Kauri tree gum)

The writer-editor relationship. (Published in the Christian Writer 2013)

New Experience in New Caledonia. 2013 (Shearing in New Caledonia in 2012)

‘Loving The Open Spaces’ in Kiwi Parent LR (About a preschool called ‘Open Spaces’)

Making Do with an Old Orchard (Looking after an old orchard)

OffshoreSaviours  (Mercy Ships looking after women in Africa, published 2014)



My Writing CV:

I have completed two writing courses:

The NZ/Australia Writing Course, in 1997

In May 2005, I completed a New Zealand Christian Writers’ Guild Home-Study Freelance Writing Course, and gradually began my freelance writing career.

During the latter course, I began seriously considering a freelance writing career. My first articles during that course were for the Lifestyle Farmer and Growing Today (now called ‘Lifestyle Block/Growing Today’). I had some articles published previous to this course as well.

The best way to learn writing is to just keep writing, and that is what I’ve been doing. I have, since 1993, had over a hundred items published; most of them feature articles, which I particularly enjoy writing.

Magazines in which I have been published include:

(Note that these are all in NZ unless otherwise noted)

  • Shearing (who published my very first article in 1993, called ‘In your right mind, would you marry a Shearer?’) and Sheep Magazine USA.

  • Lifestyle Farmer, Growing Today, The Smallfarmer, Rural Living, Dairy Exporter

  • Challenge Weekly, Possibilities, (no longer published), Daystar (no longer published), Footprints (Australia), Women’s Touch Online (USA)

  • Christian Writer (published by NZ Christian Writers Guild), Working Writer (USA e-zine).

  • Northern Advocate and Whangarei Leader (both in Whangarei NZ).

  • Mana, North and South, Kiwi Parent, NZ Heritage

  • Mindfood (AU/NZ)

Short children’s stories have been published in Discovery, NZ. (no longer published).

W & S Author, Janice Gillgren

W & S Author, Janice Gillgren

My Writing Journey

I haven’t always been a writer. I’m a late starter. However, I’ve found that the more I write, the more I enjoy writing.

Back in my school days, I don’t recall doing any more writing than I needed to, though I was school librarian, so that tells you something about my academic leaning. I did my Nursing training following school, which I enjoyed and found very valuable. I realise now it also gave me a good insight into the characters of a wide variety of people, which is useful for writing.

Later on, during a few years’ gap in homeschooling my husband’s and my three children, I decided to try a NZ and Australia Writing School Correspondence Course.  I wanted a new interest, and writing seemed like it might suit. The best thing about the Writing School was trying things (such as writing plays, or book outlines) that I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing otherwise, and I completed it in 1997.

Five more years of homeschooling allowed me little time for pursuing my new interest, except for involvement in a local Writers’ Group (‘Northland Christian Writers’); a small commitment, but enough to keep me writing.

In May 2005, after my youngest child went to school, I completed a New Zealand Christian Writers’ Guild Home-Study Freelance Writing Course, and gradually began my freelance writing career.  My first articles were for ‘Lifestyle Farmer’ and ‘Growing Today’ (now called Lifestyle Block/Growing Today), two popular NZ national Lifestyle magazines.

My husband shears sheep, goats, and occasionally other woolly or hairy creatures; and my first article (written and published about ten years ago) was called: ‘In your right mind, would you marry a shearer?’ He says I still provide him with plenty to write about.

I’ve now had nearly 200 articles published (as at mid 2014), in a variety of magazines and other publications, in NZ, Australia and USA. These include Lifestyle Farming magazines, Christian publications, general interest magazines, Community papers, and others. (Please see the page called ‘My CV’ if you would like more detail).

In 2008 I joined POWERtalk, (previously known as Toastmistress). In 2009 I came third in their 100 word contest, and in 2010 I achieved second place in their 1500w fiction contest, (both awards were at international level).

Part of the reason for this is so that I may be better qualified to speak about writing. I also believe that the two skills of writing and speaking complement each other.

My writing today:

My main writing still includes feature articles for magazines, and items for the Northland Christian Writers group, of which I am chair person at this time. There is tremendous benefit for writers to belong to a supportive writer’s group, and it has certainly been valuable for me personally.

Leading the group has prompted me to learn more about the craft of writing; and has helped me discover just how much I really enjoy helping other people in their writing journey. This has become something of a passion for me; which is expanding as I also write for this website.

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