Somehow, the more you pour of yourself into your writing, the more fulfillment is poured back to you in return. In fact, if writing is your God-given talent, you won’t feel as if you’ve done what you were born to do unless you write what you should write.

Writing – especially memorable and meaningful writing – is an outpouring of a writer’s whole being. Body, soul and spirit are all involved in some way.

In what ways can you feel fulfilled in writing?

One means of finding this fulfillment is the wonderful pleasure of seeing others enjoy reading what you have poured your heart and soul into.  It is like going to a lot of trouble cooking a special meal for

This plum tree is well on the way to reaching its purpose in life for this season.

someone, and seeing their faces light up with pleasure as they taste it.

I like to write feature articles. People are fascinating, and I love to write about what they are doing in a way that others will enjoy reading about.  The subjects of my articles – those fascinating people – have responded to seeing themselves in print with wonderful enthusiasm. Even if they were formerly shy about being featured in this way, once they can actually see their own story on the pages they’re telling everyone, buying copies for all their family and friends, and treating me like their best friend. I find this very fulfilling.

Sometimes the fulfillment is very personal, as you have poured out some private grief in your journal, and feel much better for doing so.

There is always fulfillment in doing what God has called you to do.  Writing is a calling; a special and unique talent. If it is your calling, you won’t feel fulfilled unless you do it.


Note: This is a blog written way back in March 2011. It was quite short, as many of my blogs were then. What do you think of it?