The Northland Christian Writers is a support group based primarily in Whangarei, but open to all interested Christian writers in Northland, New Zealand.   I (Janice Gillgren, the author of this website) presently lead this group, which is actually composed of two separate groups, meeting approximately six weekly between about February and November each year.

If you would like to know more about the group, please contact me via the contact page.




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Able to join?

If you live locally and are able to come to at least some of the meetings each year, please contact me so we can discuss whether or not you would be a ‘good fit’ for this group.  Northland is (not surprisingly) the most northern region of New Zealand; north of Auckland. Most of our members are based in or near Whangarei, but (especially for workshops) we do get a wider reach of members when they are able to come.

Note: There was a notice on here previously about a new website for this group. However, we have closed it down as it didn’t work well for us. I trust this will not cause you any confusion.