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‘Decor’ is everywhere around us, in the colour of flowers, the myriad textures of plants and trees, the peace of a quiet river or the drama of rough waters, and the bounty of the creatures we share this world with.

Our surroundings are terrific subjects for decor art.

(I’m not a great fan of meaningless splashes of colour)

Many of my photographs seek to reveal the beauty of the world around us. We  have an incredible world, testament to an amazing Creator, and I feel privileged to be able to capture even a tiny bit of it on (digital) film.

 For reasons of webpage space and loading time of photos, I’ve limited each gallery to ten or less photos. I obviously have many more photos than these, so I will try to  place new images on here as often as possible. (Feel free to remind me!)

Please don’t help yourself to the photos. They are copyrighted and for sale. See further down this page for details.

These photographs would be very suitable for framing or printing onto canvas, and will add colour and interest wherever they are placed.

How to buy:

Purchasing My Photos

While I am not presently set up to sell images from my site, if there is a photograph you would particularly like to purchase, you may contact me to arrange this.

(Use the contact form on this page or go to the Contacts page

‘Photo Enhancements’

 I would like to strongly recommend ‘Photo Enhancements’ to you, for printing and framing services. This is owned by Neal Martin, in Whangarei, Northland (New Zealand).

Check out his website: http://www.photorestoration.co.nz

I have had several photographs printed by Neal, and have been very happy with his standard, so I recommend you have a look.

If there are any photos you would like developed,  you will need to purchase the images from me first, and I will then send the photos on to Neal.

Neal will then get them done to a top standard, and send them directly to you. His prices are on his page for you to look at. 

 His site has a full price list for all the sizes and types of processing you may require.

Note: You will need to pay Neal separately.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form on this page.

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The following galleries are some sample photographs from selected interest areas.

These top two galleries are of oceans and other waterways

These next two galleries are of life in the country, and natural life and flowers

These next two are mixed views from Australia and New Caledonia