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To my readers,

Thank you for your patience as I have taken a rest from blogging this past year.

I hope you have enjoyed the re-posted blogs, even if you have read them before. Re-posting my blogs has enabled me to continue to keep this site ‘live’.

I’ve been an article-writer mostly, but this has slowed right down, and I’m sure that is for good reason because I need time for my next project: I have decided to write my personal story in a book!

I’ve not written a book before, though I have toyed with some ideas. However, this project is something much more personal, which is why you won’t see any more about it yet.

I plan to write blogs fortnightly, or monthly if need be, until the end of this year, and then reassess again, so – as they say – watch this space.


The blog categories:

why write?

My ‘Why Write’ blogs include inspirational and encouraging blogs.

writing process

My ‘writing process’ blogs are mostly for helpful hints and useful instruction on how to write better.


Although writing will continue to take centre stage for the blogs, there will be some on photography too.

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Recent blog posts:

Imaginative Writing Starts With…

Imaginative Writing Starts With…

Imaginative writing starts with two words – ‘What If?’ What if the moon was really made of cheese? What if sheep ruled the world? What if a prince could change places with a pauper? What if…? Our imagination is a wonderful thing – a God-given attribute of the human...

The Word-Respecting Writer

The Word-Respecting Writer

Language – the use of words to convey information, thoughts and feelings – should never be taken for granted. Our ability to communicate through words not only sets us apart as unique among our fellow creatures on this planet. This ability is so much a part of us that...

Trusting Your Fellow Writer’s Critique

Trusting Your Fellow Writer’s Critique

I've written about critique and trust before, and I still think they are vital for writers groups' success. I hope you will enjoy this blog again, last published about four years ago.  There is one very important aspect of critiquing not always considered or...

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