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Words and Scenes is a writer’s blog for writers.

Blogs are primarily about writing, with some on related photography topics.

If you are a writer, whether already writing for publication or just keen and hopeful, this site is for you.

Dear Readers, 
I’ve been making a good start on my book*, but unfortunately, blog writing has taken a back seat.  I do thank you for your patience, especially if you’ve been receiving my repeated blogs for some time now. 
While I hope you’ve been enjoying them, I know this situation isn’t ideal, and would like to get back onto regular blog writing as soon as possible. 
(* My book is autobiographical, and I’m not ready to tell more about it at this point)
Kind regards, 


W & S Blog

The Words and Scenes Blog is primarily about writing; written by W & S author Janice Gillgren, to offer inspiration, encouragement and useful tips for writers of all levels.
There is also a CV page for those who would like more information about the author.


Photography is the secondary focus of W & S.
As my photography accompanies most of my published articles, it seems fitting that my pictures should also add interest and colour to this site.

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About the Author

I (Janice Gillgren) started Words and Scenes in 2009. Since then, I’ve published over 200 blogs.

I’ve been an article writer for over a decade, and also lead a local writer’s support group, which is what fired my passion to write these blogs for readers who are looking for inspiration and encouragement, or useful tips to help them along the way.

You can find out more about me on this site by looking at the  Author’s CV page, and

The ‘Contact Me’ will give you the details of how to get in touch.

Continue reading to find out about the journey of this website and how it came to be what it is now:

W & S Author, Janice Gillgren

W & S Author, Janice Gillgren

The journey of ‘Words and Scenes’:

Way back in the last decade, about 1995 or so, I had the weird idea to start up my own website. I thought perhaps it was even a divinely inspired idea – except for one big problem: the technology was way past me.

I got out books from the library, joined up to a few websites that declared their intention to help, tried a bit here and there – and eventually put it in the ‘too-hard-basket’.

So much for that idea, I thought; and I stayed with my usual article writing; looking askance at any reminders of building my own website.

But then, something very unexpected happened: I won a calendar photography contest.  One of the prizes was a $1000 web hosting/design package. Wow.

The website idea was rapidly resuscitated. It was as if God said to me: “No more excuses; get on with it!” so I did.

But what would I do with it? Well – writers write blogs don’t they? That would do for a start, surely.

Now – What do I call it? The ‘Words’ bit was obvious, and

Words and Scenes logo

Words and Scenes Logo

I like ‘scenes’ (i.e. photographs). So the name was dreamed up: Words and Scenes.

So, in September 2009, my first blog was published.

The next question – which, surprisingly, I had given little thought to – was: What would I write about?

The answer came out of what I find I really enjoy doing: helping writers (especially new writers) find and develop their talent. I lead a local writers support group, and helping writers write has been a very satisfying part of this leadership. I’m also involved in judging writing competitions and critiquing entries for one level of the NZ Christian Writers competitions.

So my basic themes were gradually discerned as I kept writing:  ‘to give inspiration, encouragement and useful tips to writers of all levels.’

Since then, I’ve written over 200 blogs for this site, and have seen them re-published by many other sites worldwide.

I trust you will enjoy the blogs on this site! Do make use of the Google search button on the right sidebar, to help you find more of my blogs. You can also look through archives.

Please feel free to republish them on your site if you have one, though I do ask for the common courtesy of adding my name and website to the top or  bottom of the article.

‘What about the photography?’ you may wonder, especially if that brought you to this site.  It has tended to take a ‘back seat’ to writing, unfortunately, because I’ve found marketing too time-consuming. However, if there are photographs you are interested in purchasing, please let me know, and i will negotiate a price with you.



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The ‘Pics and Quips’ slider below is a small collection of Janice’s photos and quips for you to enjoy!

Pics and Quips

by Janice Gillgren, author of Words and Scenes


No-one else could do it better!

Finding Inspiration

And letting inspiration find you

Only a beginner?

Don’t let it worry you. We all start somewhere.

Dare to dream

You never know what may come of it!

Onward and Upward.

Never give up!

Hungry again?

Now, where did I put my snacks?

Writing can be a lonely occupation

Finding good friends is important

Writing is a very portable craft

Better make the most of it.


Hold on tight to your opportunities