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Words and Scenes Home page.

Words and Scenes

Twin toadstools; just like two foci for Words and Scenes

writing and photography

Words and Scenes Blogs

A weekly blog written by a writer, about writing, for writers.

Offering inspiration, encouragement and useful tips for writers of all levels.

Words and Scenes Photography Pages

Photography is the second major emphasis of this site.

Images displayed are taken by the author of this site unless otherwise indicated.

Writing Pages

The Writing pages include the W & S author’s CV; plus a few extra pages.

The craft of writing is timeless

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Look through and enjoy:

Please enjoy reading through the blogs, and viewing the images.

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About W & S photography

While writing is the primary focus of the blogs, photography is also a big part of the site.


About the W & S blogs

This blog focuses primarily on writing.  The purpose of these blogs is to offer inspiration, encouragement and useful tips for writers of all levels.

Most recent blog;

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Another celebration of 100 Writing Blogs.

Another celebration of 100 Writing Blogs.

  Achieving 100 of anything good seems worth celebrating, so that’s part of what I’m doing today. (Please forgive a lot of “I’s” in this blog. There are not usually so many!)   The first accomplishment for today  is that I’ve now published 100 blogs in the...

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photography page and projects

Photography pages

The W & S website includes galleries of pictures taken by the W & S author

Author's Writing CV

Words & Scenes writing pages are particularly intended for those seeking more information about the author of this site.

W & S Links page

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Why I am a Christian

Creation shows the handiwork of our Creator

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“Pics and Quips’ are a small selection of pictures with short little sayings (mostly my own) that I think suit the picture. Enjoy.

Pics and Quips

For some light hearted views on life.

Dare to dream

And see what happens


Write to be you

No-one else is better qualified

Finding Inspiration

And letting inspiration find you

Only a beginner?

Don’t let it worry you. We all start somewhere.

Onward and Upward.

Never give up!

Hungry again!

 Now where did she hide the snacks?

The Right Writer

If writing is a talent you have a passion for: don’t be shy—own up, and get on with it.